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Crokinole (Legno scuro)
155,95 €
Khaki in Flames
56,99 €
Star Wars LCG: Season One 2014 Tournament Kit
49,90 €
Escape: The Curse of the Temple – Big Box
99,95 €
Ricochet Robots
49,95 €

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I Coloni di Catan - Espansione 5-6 Giocatori in Legno 30,00 €
I Coloni di Catan - Espansione 5-6 Giocatori in Legno
21,89 €
Pandemic: A New Challenge 39,99 €
Pandemic: A New Challenge
34,80 €
Moral Conflict 1939
58,99 €
Looting London 25,99 €
Looting London
25,89 €
Talisman: Le Lande del Fuoco
24,90 €
Village Port
22,95 €
9,95 €
We were Brothers
74,90 €
19,95 €
Fief: France 1429 59,90 €
Fief: France 1429
49.9 €
29,95 €
Machi Koro Plus
12,95 €
Robinson Crusoe: Viaggio verso l'Isola Maledetta
69,95 €
King of Tokyo: La Furia dei Mostri
34,95 €
Sit Gloria Romae - Sic Itur Ad Astra
19,95 €
Rockwell + Promo Omaggio
44,95 €
Robinson Crusoe: Mini Espansione Spiaggia
2,99 €
Le Havre
54,95 €
Machi Koro - Fatevi un Giro in Città!
22,95 €
Zombi 15'
59,95 €
Il Sesto Senso
39,95 €
King of Tokyo: Power Up!
19,95 €
Caverna: il Popolo delle Montagne
69,95 €
Smash Up
24,95 €
Smash Up: SuperMegaUltra 9000
14,95 €
12 Realms
39,95 €
Sushi Go!
16,95 €
Cappuccetto Rosso Non Dorme Mai
9,95 €
Camel Up
26,95 €
Smash Up: Il Sempreverde Cthulhu
15,95 €
King of Tokyo: Halloween (Espansione da Collezione 1)
19,95 €
Le Havre + Le Havre: Ancora in Porto BUNDLE
64,95 €
Le Havre + Bremerhaven BUNDLE
69,95 €
Goku Coconuts
34,95 €
22,95 €
Five Tribes: Fakirs & Dhenim
9,95 €
Shadow of the Elder Gods
27,50 €
39,90 €
Funko Pop! TV: The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes 2955
11,99 €
Dead Man's Draw: Sir Lovesword + Token Teschio
19,99 €
XenoShyft Onslaught
59,80 €
Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords - Birdcruncher Crown Promo Card
0,00 €
Android: Netrunner - Overdrive Corp Draft Pack
11,80 €
The Game: lange du kannst!
8,99 €
Elder Sign: Unseen Forces
22,49 €
Carcassonne: Commercianti e Costruttori 16,00 €
Carcassonne: Commercianti e Costruttori
12,50 €
Descent Mini - Luogotenente Regina Ariad 14,95 €
Descent Mini - Luogotenente Regina Ariad
12,50 €
Krosmaster: Arena - Duel Pack 2 14,90 €
Krosmaster: Arena - Duel Pack 2
13,99 €
Munchkin 5, 6 e 7 - Tutti i Mostri Fatti a Fette 30,00 €
Munchkin 5, 6 e 7 - Tutti i Mostri Fatti a Fette
27,89 €
Mage Wars: Conquest of Kumanjaro - Spell Tome Expansion 29,99 €
Mage Wars: Conquest of Kumanjaro - Spell Tome Expansion
24,99 €
Game of the week
ZhanGuo Price : 44,90 €
Between 230 and 221 B.C., the ambitious and extremely young king of Qin, Ying Zheng, unified China, adding all the other so-called Warring States (ZhanGuo) to his empire. Through this, Ying Zheng became the first emperor in Chinese history, taking the title of Qin Shi Huang Di. Plenty of things had to change in order to make the Chinese empire whole, and Qin Shi Huang Di didn't waste any time. He divided the empire into prefectures, personally appointing central and local functionaries; afterward, he decreed that the same writing symbols had to be used throughout the entire nation. Furthermore, he unified the laws and the units of measure, particularly the currency, creating amazing conditions for the economic development and growth of the empire. Internal decisions were not the only things that shaped this new unified nation. From the North, the menace of the Hsiungnu barbarians kept shaking the empire, and Qin Shi Huang Di knew that the only way to stop that menace was to build one of the most ambitious buildings in human history: The Great Wall of China. Thousands of peasants left their fields to take part in the construction, not only of the Great Wall, but also of roads, channels, palaces, and majestic buildings that included the emperor's mausoleum with the Terracotta Army. In ZhanGuo, you are the emperor's emissaries, and you have been assigned the challenging task of contributing to the process of unifying the empire, helping to build the wall, the Terracotta Army, and all infrastructures needed. During the five rounds of the game, you must make the best of the few cards you get each round. You can play each card either on your own player board to increase your personal power in the empire, or on the game board to recruit manpower, construct buildings wanted by the emperor, call reinforcements from Qin, and move the armies from kingdom to kingdom. Each player has to choose the best time and best way to play his cards in order to earn the emperor’s favors. Careful, though, because trying to get too much power, or exploiting the workers for personal gain could increase dissatisfaction among the populace, and consequently increase the risk of uprisings in the newly added kingdoms. Whoever is able to make the greatest contribution to the emperor's cause, while at the same time keeping the citizens placid, will be the winner.
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